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Yamamoto Cosmo Air Light

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Cosmo Air Light paper that is thick but light. Thickness of 83GSM is 111±3μm. it's the same as matte coated paper 104.7GSM. In other words, Cosmo Air Light is more 20% lighter than matte coated paper regardless of the same thickness.

Cosmo Note A5 (148×210mm) size pad with 176 pages. Cosmo Air Light is The Best Paper of 2019 Find Your Fountain Pen Friendly Paper organized by Yamamoto Paper in San Francisco Pen Show. This paper is excellent at fountain pen ink shading and sheening. Please enjoy this paper! Plain pages, and come with 6 mm squared /12 mm lined guide sheet. Sewn in sections along the spine for a sturdy finish.

Writing Pad A5: 100 sheets in A5 format. Blank pages with under sheet guides.

Made in: Japan