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Tomoe River Writing Pads

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Sanzen Tomoe River S: Size: 148 x 210mm Number of sheets: 200 Paper: Sanzen Tomoe River S Ream weight: 52g/m2 With A5 size ruled underlay Production of Tomoe River has ended. However, in order to continue Tomoe River, which is loved all over the world, we inherited the brand to Miyoshi Paper Manufacturing in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Since 1976, Sanyoshi Paper has been producing 52g/m2 notebook paper. Reconfigured quality. As a result, Miyoshi Tomoe River S has a more uniform pulp entanglement than conventional products, and has improved surface smoothness and ink bleeding resistance. In addition, the paper thickness has increased by about 5 microns, and the stiffness (hardness) of the paper has also increased. In addition, it has a new function that prevents the paper from being twisted even if it is erased with a friction pen. Sanzen Paper started full-scale production of Sanzen Tomoe River S in February 2022. In a fountain pen test conducted by Yamamoto Shigyo, even low-viscosity ink such as HERBIN pink and red ink dried quickly and did not bleed through even when overlaid. Yamamoto Shigyo WRITING PAD Series Specifications: One-sided binding Accessories: Underlay (12mm ruled line / 6mm grid) Yamamoto Shigyo WRITING The PAD series is a writing pad that allows you to enjoy the comfort of writing on various papers.

Tomoegawa Tomoe River: Size: 148 x 210mm Number of sheets: 200 Paper: Tomoe River Seisakusho Ream weight: 52g/m2 A5 size with ruled underlay Paper machine: Shizuoka office No. 9 Tomoe River notebook paper is thin and light notebook paper . It is excellent for writing with fountain pens, ballpoint pens, pencils, etc., and the soft paper makes it easy to open the notebook. It attracted attention both in Japan and overseas when it was used in the Hobonichi Techo. In 2019, Tomoegawa Paper Mills shut down No. 7 paper machine at the Shizuoka Plant, which had been making paper for Tomoe River. Since then, we have switched to the No. 9 paper machine and continued production, but in February 2021, it was announced that the No. 9 machine will be shut down at the end of September of the same year. It is undecided how Tomoe River will be produced after October 2021. (As of May 2021) Yamamoto Shigyo WRITING PAD series Specifications: One-sided binding Accessories: Underlay (12 mm ruled line / 6 mm grid) Yamamoto Shigyo WRITING PAD series is a writing pad that allows you to enjoy the comfort of writing on various papers. is.

The new coronavirus infection that occurred in 2019 has brought about major changes in all aspects of the social infrastructure that has been cultivated so far. The paper industry has also been greatly affected, and the shift to paperless work in the promotion of telework has become an added hit. Until now, Japanese paper manufacturers have focused on user feedback and past history, such as changing the paper depending on the sales region even if it is the same type, or developing a wide variety of papers to suit different uses. As a result, many brands of paper have been produced, which is rare in the world. However, paper manufacturers, which have been hit hard by the new coronavirus infection, have accelerated the consolidation and elimination of low-profit paper brands in order to shift management resources. And now, various papers are being discontinued more and more. Therefore, the Yamamoto Shigyo WRITING PAD series has been developed as a writing pad by conducting a writing test by Yamamoto Shigyo so that you can remember the comfort of writing on papers whose existence is not guaranteed. Developed. Please enjoy the wonderful writing comfort of paper that you may only be able to enjoy now. Yamamoto Paper's WRITING PAD series is a collection of writing pads that let you enjoy the textures and writing experiences of various types of paper.