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Odd Nodd Art Supply

Quarantine Creative Supplies Art Kits

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Hand picked by Odd Nodd, these are our favorite supplies in ready made kits. Help support us through these difficult times and stay sane with art supplies!

PLEASE NOTE: Kits may vary in items and quantities of supplies as pictured, meaning we may send different supplies than you see. However, the kits all provide a discount value for buying items in a kit, you will get more than your money's worth in supplies.

Coloring Kit Featuring Dennis Preston: We've teamed up with Lansing illustrator and legend, Dennis Preston, to provide you with coloring kits featuring a selection of his self-published coloring books. Each kit will provide a selection of colored pencils and markers, and one random coloring book by Dennis. Limited stock, we only have a few of these left in stock and these are the last of the coloring books printed by Dennis! When they are gone, they are gone!

Watercolor Intro Kit: A selection of watercolor supplies to get you acquainted with the different types of paints and papers to start watercoloring now! Kits include a Reeves watercolor set, Peerless watercolor samples, Daniel Smith dot samples, brushes, palette, and paper pad and samples.

Drawing and Illustration Kit: A selection of drawing pencils, erasers, illustration pens, charcoal, and paper. Designed to provide a variety of traditional drawing supplies to help you put ideas onto paper.

Manga and Cartooning Kit: A starter selection of pens and paper for anyone interested in learning to draw cartoons, comics, anime and manga. Filled with tools that will make the anyone, amateur to professional, interested in drawing comics happy.

Trust Us Kit: Do you trust us as your local art supply gurus? This kit will give you a hand-picked selection of some of our very favorite art supplies. Be brave and try something different! Guaranteed to contain at minimum one paper pad, one writing/drawing utensil, and probably something fun and imported that you can't find anywhere else! Plus, other goodies well over the kit's cost!

Super Really Really Trust Us Kit: For those who want to go all in on letting us show you some cool art supplies and accessories. The only guarantee is that everything will be cool!

Kid's Creative Kit: A selection of supplies to keep younger artists occupied. Includes drawing supplies, modeling supplies, and projects. Recommend for ages 3-8.


If a kit is temporarily out-of-stock, you can follow our Facebook Page for updates on when they are back in stock.