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Paint Pen Palette Sets

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Derwent Paint Pens are creative drawing and painting tools containing vivid, opaque color that is permanent and highly lightfast. The high-quality .5mm Japanese nibs are very durable and allow for a variety of paint effects and techniques from fine lines to large layers and exciting splatters. The colors can be layered and blended or diluted with water while wet to create transparent washes. Once dry, the colors are permanent and fixed. They are also suitable for use on fabric, glass and wood allowing for endless sketching and painting possibilities for a wide range of projects.

Palette Set #01 - Lemon Yellow, Scarlet, Primary Red, Ocean Blue & Mint Green

Palette Set #02 - Middle Chrome, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Mid Green & Terracotta

Palette Set #03 - Cranberry, Magenta, Violet, Sea Green & Leaf Green

Palette Set #04 - Concrete, Graphite, Black, White & Silver