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Mini Square Pen Case

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Nylon pen case that is simple and easy to use.

A pen pouch made of durable, stain-resistant and highly cushioned material.

It is a product that can be used for a long time without being stiff due to its solid construction.

In addition to writing instruments such as pens and pencils, erasers and rulers can be stored slimly.

It is compact and not bulky even if you put it in a small bag such as a second bag.

It has a simple structure and has both sufficient capacity and compact size.

The zipper with a large pull tab wraps around to the side and opens wide.

It is easy to open and close, and it is easy to put in and take out the contents.

A durable parachute material is used for the outer material, and a lining + bias tape material is used for the inside with the cushion material sanded for a polite finish.

 With a simple design, it can be used by students, business people, and genderless.

 *Translated. :)