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Mildliner Double-Ended Pen Sets

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Zebra's Mildliner features a mild color ink that shows up softly on paper. Whether you are using the Mildliner for your rapid journal, planner, hand lettering or studying for your next exam, it will help you express yourself in a unique way. Ideal for hand lettering and creative applications. The mild water-resistant ink is translucent and excellent for layering and doesn't bleed through paper. AP Non Toxic.

The marker style is double-ended with bullet and fine point tips for a wide variety of applications and the brush style is double-ended with a paintbrush-like tip and fine marker in one pen. The brush tip is like an artist's brush allowing for thick or thin strokes while the fine tip marker provides more consistent lines and controlled marks.

The Fluorescent 5-Color Set contains blue, blue green, yellow, orange and pink.
The Cool & Refined 5-Color Set contains red, violet, gray, dark blue and green.
The Warm 5-Color Set contains brown, vermilion, gold, magenta and smoke blue.