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Midori MD Notebook

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Threaded binding is used for MD Notebook, with 16-page quires bound at the back with thread. Threaded binding makes the pages both robust and easy to open. Usually used for items such as notebooks and journals that will be used for a long time, this binding's ability to open to a full 180 degrees provides the ultimate comfort when writing, making writing a stress-free experience from start to finish.

Blank - Type that can be used freely. MD paper is made of hardwood pulp, which can be finished with a softer texture than the strong, rigid paper made from conifers.

Cotton - Type with soft, white MD paper. A unique writing paper made of 20% cotton pulp for a soft texture that gently holds ink to bring you the pleasure of a premium writing experience.

Specifications: 176 pages, Cover/Paraffin paper, Bookmark string, Thread-stitched book-binding, Label stickers.

MD paper products are classic, Japanese-made products that use the inherent appeal of paper to enhance the writing experience.

NOTE: Covers for the MD Notebooks can be found at this link:


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