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Kita-Boshi 2mm Lead Holder Adult Pencil

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Now that you are looking for something that suits you, the "Adult Pencil" made for adults who want to experience the feeling of a pencil again is the unsharpened pencil developed by Kitaboshi Pencil in 1954. It has the structure of a mechanical pencil while keeping the concept of "uncut pencil". Also, since the shaft part is made of American insense cedar material, you can feel the warmth unique to "wood" similar to pencils.

One of the features is that it has the same structure as a mechanical pencil, but the core is sharpened with the attached "adult pencil sharpener". The sophisticated design with an adult atmosphere will surely stimulate your "adult gokoro"!

The thickness of the wooden shaft of the "adult pencil" is 1 mm thicker than the pencil, making it easy for adults to use. "American incense cedar lumber" is used as the material, and the taste increases with each use. It's a little heavier than a pencil because it's made of metal, but the calculated balance keeps you writing for a long time without getting tired.

The dedicated core used is a high-grade domestic core made by uniformly mixing graphite and clay with few impurities. The 2mm-thick core, which is similar to a pencil, does not have to be broken due to excessive force. The slightly analog work of scraping when it becomes round further tickles the adult gokoro.

Lead refills come in packs of 5.