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Half Hour of Pencil Power: Fast and Fun Drawing Lessons for the Whole Family!

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Tap into the powerfully positive impact of drawing for the whole family with 25 drawing sessions!

In March 2020, Mark Kistler received a call that his son's school was going virtual for the remainder of the school year. He began holding daily livestreams, leading half hour drawing sessions for what became hundreds of thousands of kids over two months, giving families a much-needed break from the chaos of the pandemic. Now, Mark brings these stress-relieving, creative outlets to life in 25 original lessons, including:

Space Kitty!
Dino Ride
Parachuting Penguin
Singing Shark
Ninja Banana—and more!

Harnessing the life inspiring and transformative power of the visual arts, Half Hour of Pencil Power brings together parents, educators, and the kids they care for with step-by-step drawing lessons, all of which can be done in a half hour or less. Drawing will help your kid have fun, decrease loneliness, build self-esteem, and increase creativity, and Pencil Power is accessible, imaginative, and oodles of fun for everyone.

“Mark Kistler has created a series of wonderful, rewarding and easy (even for me) drawing activities that can help children, teens, and families connect to their inner selves as well as to each other.”
--from the Foreword by Jeffrey Bernstein, PhD, author of 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child