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Graphix Aqua Pen Sets

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For watercolor painting on watercolor paper, Graphix Aqua dual-tip pens offer high-quality, lightfast, waterbased pigment ink in a range of brilliant colors. Use the contour tip or the flexible brush top to apply color, then use a wet brush to spread it - do not dip the Graphix Aqua pens into water. The King of Bubblegum 6-Color Set includes black, yellow, light vermilion, smoky quartz, azure blue and gray. The Ma Ke Manga 6-Color Set includes black, flesh pink, rose, raspberry, dark ultramarine and amber. The Metropolitan 6-Color Set includes black, gentian, light blue, aqua green, tangerine and light gray. The Mega Mash 12-Color Set includes black, lemon, red orange, cherry red, light pink, plum, antique green, avocado, dark green, aquamarine, petrol and dark brown. The Octopy 24-Color Set includes black, lemon, tangerine, red orange, amber, cherry red, light vermilion, make-up, pink candy, rose pink, plum, ultramarine, azure blue, light blue, petrol, aqua green, dark green, antique green, lime, smoky blue, smoky quartz, dark brown, light gray and gray.