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Gloo Glue Stick

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Revolutionary both in practicality and aesthetics, GLOO adhesives are designed to fit beautifully into the landscape of any desk.The stick glue is shaped square so it can be applied right up to the very corner of the paper. The round cap can be flipped open and replaced with one hand, and keeps the glue airtight to prevent drying. With its matte white body and simple color accents, GLOO is aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly easy to use.  Acid-free.

Standard: The gray standard strong sticky style is the most basic style, and it sticks very firmly to the thick cardboard.

Disappearing BlueBlue color glue that makes it easy to see where you're gluing, then turns clear as it dries to keep your work neat.

Wrinkle FreeLow-water formula with alcohol that reduces wrinkling, even with very thin paper.