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Gesso Acrylic Primer

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White: Art Alternatives titanium-based white acrylic primer provides a reliable, classic foundation which is permanent, non-yellowing and flexible when dry. No prior sizing necessary. Great for artists and students alike, it may be used on a variety of porous surfaces, such as canvas, wood and other panels, or paper with oil, acrylic, alkyd and spray paint. Multiple coats may be sanded to create a smooth portrait surface.

Black: Save your black paint and make a stunning background with this opaque black primer! Art Alternatives Black Gesso provides a sufficiently rigid yet pliable surface with a clean black satin finish. It has a slight tooth to aid adhesion, dries quickly and will not crack. No prior sizing necessary. It is ideal for use with acrylics, oils or tempera, on a variety of porous surfaces including canvas, wood panels and paper. It also makes a great base for colored pencil, soft and oil pastels, crayon, paint markers, spray paint and more.

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