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Kuretake Zig

Gansai Tambi Watercolor Sets

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These traditional Japanese solid watercolor sets are great for both professional artists and crafters. Each set features a collection of watercolor pans that are ideal for Etegami, sketches, illustrations, Sumi-e and more.

The 12-Color Basic Set 1 includes white, black, scarlet red, red, wine red, lemon yellow, light brown, brown, mid green, green, blue and deep blue.

The 12-Color Soft Set 2 natural beige, rose beige, lilac, cherry blossom pink, gray, greenish yellow, lime green, cobalt blue, blue gray deep, horizon blue, Indian red and maroon.

The 18-Color Set includes white, black, scarlet red, red, wine red, lemon yellow, light brown, brown, mid green, green, blue, deep blue, dark pink, purple, may green, ocean green, cornflower blue and cobalt blue.

Metallic Sets: Gansai Tambi watercolor is a water-based mixture of mica and pigment, which create beautiful luminescent colors. The dense and homogenized pigmentation allows for optimum coverage and a smooth distribution of both color and mica. Each watercolor pan contains a bright, dazzling hue and is perfectly compatible with existing Gansai Tambi paint sets.

The Starry Set contains pans of blue gold, red gold, yellow gold, champagne gold, light gold and white gold.
The Pearl Set contains pans of pearl pink, pearl scarlet red, pearl lemon yellow, pearl may green, pearl cobalt blue and pearl white gold.
The Gem Set contains pans of gem red, gem pink, yellow gold, gem green, gem blue and gem violet.
The Opal Set contains pans of pink, copper, gold, green, blue and violet.

Irodori Kobako Sets: High quality, hand crafted  Gansai Tambi watercolors from Japan in a beautiful travel box.  Each set contains 6 pans of Gansai Tambi watercolor paint,  a Mangaka fine point brush pen and a medium Zig water brush. Boxes contain Rose Madder, Lemon Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Viridian, Indigo, and Gold paints. 

Portable Set: This set includes 14 pans of paint, a BrusH20 water brush, and a Zig Mangaka 01 pen, all in a convenient carrying case. The lid of the case has dividers for mixing colors.

Graphite Colors 6 Set: Deep smokey colors of Gansai Tambi mixed with precise amount of synthetic graphite. Matte finish and texture.