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Frixion Ball Erasable Gel Ink Pen Sets

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Write, delete, repeat! These erasable gel pens feature a thermo-sensitive, smooth-writing gel ink formula that disappears with erasing friction. They allow users to erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. The 8-color fine set contains orange, brown, black, blue, red, green, pink and purple.

FriXion Light Highlighters highlight with bright color and erase cleanly. While highlighting work, notes or textbooks, we've all accidentally highlighted the wrong word, or over-highlighted a page. With FriXion Light highlighters, that is not a problem! Simply rub the erasing tip over the highlighting and the ink will disappear cleanly from the page, with no messy eraser shavings. FriXion's unique thermo-sensitive ink is formulated to deliver both vibrant color and smooth erasing. Great for editing, lists, scheduling and more.