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Daniel Smith

Extra-Fine Watercolor Stick Sets

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The power of pure pigment is at your fingertips with portable, versatile watercolor sticks. Painting, drawing, scribbling and mark-making come together for maximum creative expression. Each stick is the equivalent of three full pans of paint, making it a fantastic value.

Easily carry, store and protect your DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Sticks with a 5-compartment, translucent plastic case with a snap lid. Break the compartments apart to carry individual sticks or leave attached to keep your favorite colors together. Perfect for storing many other types of creative mark-making tools as well.

Watercolor sticks are like a pan in your hand – try one of our convenient sets or collect them all!

The Core Mixing Set includes hansa yellow medium, quinacridone coral, lamp black, cobalt blue and phthalo green (yellow shade).
The Aquatic Landscapes Set includes cobalt teal blue, phthalo turquoise, carbazole violet, neutral tint and quinacridone gold.
The Granulating Power Set includes serpentine genuine, sodalite genuine, lunar black, piemontite genuine and hematite genuine.
The Enhanced Secondary Mixing Set includes buff titanium, quinacridone burnt orange, undersea green, moonglow and carbazole violet.