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Diazo Photo Emulsion and Sensitizer

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*NOTE: This listing is for individual bottles of emulsion and sensitizer. You need BOTH the emulsion and sensitizer for the application process.

You can buy a kit with both emulsion and sensitizer included (and instructions) in the Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit here.

This top quality photo emulsion produces sharp, high quality images. Used for direct application to the screen, this 26.4 oz. jar of emulsion is light-reactive, water-soluble and spreads easily. This emulsion conforms to water safety standards (Calif. Proposition 65).

Mix Diazo Sensitizer with high-quality Diazo Photo Emulsion to activate the development of a stencil image. When mixed with Photo Emulsion, this solution can be stored up to three months at room temperature or up to six months in the refrigerator. In a 2 oz. bottle.