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Boku-Undo Sumi-e Watercolor Sets Shadow Mei - Odd Nodd Art Supply
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Boku-Undo Sumi-e Watercolor Sets

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Boku-Undo Watercolors combine classic Japanese Sumi ink with colored dyes. These gansai paints dry down to a matte finish. Japanese watercolors are highly pigmented and can be used with minimal water for deep shades, as well as diluted for more transparent shades. 

The Shadow set contains 6 muted shades, Reddish Black, Yellowish Black, Greenish Black, Bluish Black, Purplish Black and Brownish Black. 

The Shadow Mei set contains 6 bright shades, Shadow Pink, Shadow Yellow, Shadow Green,  Shadow Blue, Shadow Purple, and Shadow Vermillion. 

The Aurora Metallic set adds delicate touches to watercolor paintings and really pops on black paper. This set of 6 vibrant colors contains Gold, Silver, Red, Green, Blue and Purple metallics. 

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