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Daniel Smith

Artist Edition Watercolor Sets

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These Artist Edition Extra-fine Watercolor Sets are vibrant, highly mixable and create the most beautiful textures. Each set's color palette is carefully selected by well known Watercolor Artists.

Jean Haines' 6-Color All That Shimmers 5ml Set includes iridescent ruby, iridescent Aztec gold, pearlescent white, iridescent electric blue, iridescent topaz and iridescent copper. Mix the All That Shimmers Set colors with existing watercolor pigment, use alone or as a glaze.

The Michael Solovey's 10-Color Master Artist 5ml Tube Set includes India yellow, quinacridone deep gold, quinacridone sienna, alizarin crimson, perylene violet, moonglow, cobalt blue, phthalo blue (green shade), phthalo green (blue shade) and indigo.