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Viviva Watercolor Pans Sets

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Viviva Watercolor Pan Sets are super light-weight and made with fully biodegradable cork. These non-toxic watercolor pans come with an in-built reusable mixing palette that can be wiped clean. Each set comes with lightfast colors and a swatch card. The Metallic Set measures 2.76" x 3.74". Other sets measure 3.54" x 7.09".

The 16-Color Original Set includes scarlet, amaranth, orange blossom, mango, deep yellow, raw sienna, rust, burnt umber, apple green, deep green, vine green, shallow blue, royal blue, deep blue, violet and white.
The 16-Color Spring Set includes crimson lake, alizarin crimson, opera, cocktail pink, permanent yellow, bees yellow, cinnamon, Indian red, light yellow green, olive green, permanent green, viridian hue, periwinkle, cobalt blue, turquoise blue and marine blue.
The 15-Color Metallic Set includes metallic light green, yellow topaz, orange sapphire, pink pearl, eudialyte, amethyst, aquamarine, sapphire, green sapphire, rose, brown quartz, metallic grey, silver, gold and pearl black.