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Self-Care Journaling Kit

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Nurture yourself with Tombow’s new Self-Care Journaling Kit. Includes everything you need to begin a self-care journaling practice. Curated color assortment of Dual Brush Pens features light and dark colors that complement one another, blend perfectly, and can be layered to create visual interest. Instructional book includes 30 pages of journaling techniques and 250+ illustrations and prompts to inspire your own self-care journey. Learn how to incorporate hand lettering, decorative headers, illustrated frames, borders, and doodles into your journaling pages. Build self-care into your daily routine and incorporate it into all aspects of your life with examples for habit trackers, gratitude lists, mantras, reading logs, and more. Included prompts help guide you on a path to self-improvement by focusing on mental, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social self-care. Use included stickers to add decorative elements to your journal.