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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen

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With the Kaweco Sport something special was created in 1911. A pocket fountain pen, that only measured 10.5 cm when closed and therefore came in handy as an everyday carry item. When placing the cap on the barrel, the pen measures 13 cm nonetheless.

The understated, but characterful design of the Kaweco Sport made from high-quality plastic, is also available under the series name Skyline. We used fresh and modern colours here. The components, such as the nib, hot foil stamping and logo cap are silver coloured.

The Classic Sport series consists of classic and historical colours and it stands out, due to the gold-plated steel nib, a golden coloured logo cap and a premium golden hot foil stamping.

Frosted series stands out due to its slightly opaque, milky plastic and pastel colours. The icy fresh look of the material gives us a glimpse of the inner workings of the pen, it is equipped with silver elements and it is just an absolute must-have for the summer.

The Kaweco Collection offers our writing icons adapted to the latest trends. We play with modern, unusual color variations, test materials and vary the finest details. We want to offer our collector community and all design enthusiasts something unique. The Kaweco Collection lettering, which can be found on every writing instrument, is a clear identifying feature. New variations remain part of the Kaweco Collection for a limited time. Particularly popular models have the option of subsequently becoming part of our standard range.

Fits Kaweco's mini converters and Kaweco Clips.