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Gelly Roll Shadow Pens

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Great for handmade cards, doodles, drawing, line borders and lettering, Gelly Roll Gold Shadow Pens features incredible gel ink that writes in two tones: gold metallic outlined in another contrasting color! No need to shake, pump or squeeze just write and see the magic. The 1.0mm ball tip creates a bold line that dries in a few seconds. The gold metallic color is brilliant and the contrasting outlining effect is best achieved on white, uncoated fibrous paper.

Put a wow effect into your extra-special notes with the Gelly Roll Silver Shadow Gel Pens. With a patented design, these pens lay down a silver line shadowed with a color. Use on porous, bright white paper for best results perfect for fine invitations. The dye-colored inks dry instantly and are non-toxic.

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