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Colored Sand Kits

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Colored Sand Kits feature colorful glitter and sand in a paint-by-number-style to create four beautiful works of art. No glue or drying required! These kits include colorful sands, glitters and four sturdy cards to decorate. Recommended for ages 6-11 and up.

Fish Rainbow: 4 fish-themed pictures to brighten up with colored sand and glitter. Children place the picture in the box, use the tool provided to expose the pre-pasted areas, and sprinkle over the colored sand and glitter following the color-coded instructions. Once they are finished, the colors in the pictures are revealed and the fish sparkle and shine!

Sea Lights LIfe: 4 paintings on the theme of underwater life to be colored with tinted and fluorescent sands. The child places the work in the box, exposes the pre-glued areas using the tool provided, then sprinkles them with sand following the color code indicated in the booklet. Once the designs have been revealed, what a surprise at nightfall: the illustrations come to life in the dark!