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Tote Art Contest

The Tote Art Contest:

Congrats to the 2023 Tote Art Contest winners!

Submissions are tagged #oddnoddtote on Facebook and Instagram.

Check back next year for the next Tote Art contest!

We made some amazing canvas Odd Nodd tote bags to carry all your art supplies, but we left most of the bag completely blank. We want to see what you come up with to decorate the bags with your own artwork! Your tote art could win you up to a $200 gift card!

Decorate your official Odd Nodd Canvas Tote Bag (Jumbo or Super Jumbo Size) and your tote entry will be posted on our social media. The posts which receives the most reacts will determine the finalists, and then the Odd Nodd team will choose winners from the finalist pool. Winners will receive Odd Nodd Gift Cards! Winning totes will also be featured on our social media and get a mention in our monthly newsletter.

How will it work? 

  1. Fill out the submission form including a picture of your decorated tote bag, and upload here:

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm March 31st. Only one submission per person will be considered.

  1. Beginning the week of April 1st we will post submissions on our social media (Facebook and Instagram). The finalists will be determined by the combined total amount of reactions (likes, etc) on their individual posted pictures. Votes will be tabulated on the 15th of April. Winners announced on the 18th. 
  2. Submissions will be tagged #oddnoddtote on Facebook and Instagram. and voting will be cut off on 10pm EST April 14th. We will tabulate post reacts/votes at that time.
  3. From the top 3 finalists as determined by public voting/post reacts, the Odd Nodd team will rank and choose the winners. $200 first prize, $50 second prize, $25 third prize. Winners will be announced April 18th!


  • The bags are heavyweight cotton canvas, the same type of cotton canvas painters have been using for years. If you want to prepare the canvas to take paint without bleeding through, gesso can be applied and will provide a white base. 
  • Posca Acrylic Markers are amazing and work great on almost any surface!
  • Placing a piece of cardboard or heavy board in the canvas bag, along with some clips to hold it, will prevent paint from bleeding through to the other side and provide a flat work surface.
  • We love creativity! Don’t feel like you’re limited to only painting your tote, dying, applique, etc, are all welcomed; as long as the tote remains in some form which can be carried on your person, your submission qualifies.
  • Feel free to share and link to your tote submission when we post it, and tag friends and family to receive more votes! But, keep in mind reaction votes only count on our original post, because we cannot (usually) view shared posts!

Art Tote Contest Rules:

  1. Submissions must be on our official canvas tote bags. Either the blank side or logo side is acceptable. Either bag size (Jumbo or Super Jumbo) is acceptable.
  2. Do not submit the same entry more than once.
  3. One submission per person per year. 
  4. Submission open to anyone using an Odd Nodd Tote, student or non-student. No age limits.
  5. Prizes must be picked up in-store, they will not be shipped.
  6. Artists/Submissions retain all rights to artwork created. However, by submitting to us you agree that Odd Nodd has permission to use the images/artwork on our social media and promotional posts. 

We hold frequent art contests (gift card and product prizes) and announce product sales exclusively on our social media. Please follow us there to keep up on our most recent promotions:

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Winners of social media contests must be available to pickup their prize in-store only. Prizes will not be shipped.

Any other rules or requirements will be noted in the contest announcement.