We are opening our doors on Tuesday!

We are opening our doors on Tuesday!

Odd Nodd is officially open for business tomorrow! We've got lots of kits for the start of classes!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be celebrating our Grand Opening with giveaways and lots of great discounts.

We are still receiving the bulk of our supplies, so please bear with us this week as we furiously add to our inventory. Unfortunately, the shipment with our Holbein designer gouache, Holbein acryla gouache, Daniel Smith watercolors, and Krink didn't arrive today. You can check our website to view what we have in stock. We will post updates on our Facebook & Instagram with more exciting products as we receive them.

We are also running our Grand Opening sale thoughout the whole month of September, so you'll have plenty of time to come visit us and take advantage of some great discounts on some of our favorite products.

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