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Silverpoint Drawing Tools

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Silverpoint is a centuries-old technique in which silver is used to draw on a specially prepared surface, leaving traces of the metal to create one’s drawing. Silverpoint drawings tarnish over time creating warmer tones. Yasutomo’s Silverpoint Drawing Tools have a black 5 1/2″ long wooden handle with an elegant bamboo shape for a comfortable grip.

99% silver points are beveled to allow for different drawing techniques and line thicknesses. Available in 1mm or 2mm widths. Tips are 9mm (3/8″) long. Points can be removed by simply unscrewing them from the handles are replaced with Yasutomo silverpoint refills.

While silverpoint is typically done on gesso-prepared surfaces, Yasutomo mineral paper is an excellent silverpoint substrate that requires no preparation!

Learn more about how to use Yasutomo’s Silverpoint Drawing Tools HERE.

Refill tips can be used to replace the points of Yasutomo Silverpoint Drawing Tools once the original points are used up.

The old point can be removed from the Silverpoint Drawing Tool by simply unscrewing it from the handle. Replace with the new point by screwing it into place on the handle.