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Levain Sylvan Memo Pad

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A7 true size memo pad. Four designs are assorted in one book. Various animal poses and related motifs are drawn. Wrap individually wrapped straps of accent colored trepe. On the back cover side, we have enclosed an explanation to understand the four patterns of the inner paper.

* SYLVAN (Sylvan) *
SYLVAN (Sylvan) means "people in the forest" or "the spirit of the forest". It is a stationery series with animal patterns that are relaxing and heartwarming, like cutting off a piece of life of forest animals.

Design: Megumi Ochiai
Graduated from Seth Mode Seminar. I am from Saitama Prefecture. Involved in activities as an illustrator while in school, and later, involved in books, advertisements, products, etc. His books include "I am not going to go to the mountains" (Millbooks), "Takesenkai's Habitari Onsen Mountain" (Pie Books) and so on. He presides over the individual label "HIGASHI ALPS" for publishing and miscellaneous goods.

MATOKA (Matka) / Former ・ ORANGE AIRLINES (Orange Airlines) / Made in Japan / made in Japan

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