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Diamine Ink-vent Calendar

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Diamine 2023 Inkvent Calendar
(Expected release in October)

Purple Edition

Diamine are pleased to launch the 2023 Winter Ink-vent
Calendar, inside you will find a treasure trove of 25
Diamine inks. The Calendar has 25 doors one door to be
opened each day revealing a surprise bottle of 12ml ink &

the last door contains a larger 30ml size.

All the inks are new and consist of:
Standard, Shimmer, Scent, Chameleon,
Chameleon & Sheen and Star Bright!

Nightfall, Glacier, Walnut, Lavender Frost, Tinsel,
Fortunes Gold, Sweet Dreams, Blizzard, Fireside Snug,
Jacaranda, Moon Beam, Early Dusk, Merry & Bright,
Bucks Fizz, Raise a Glass, Cinnabun, Bah Humbug, Astral,
Cashmere Rose, Tranquility, Velvet Emerald, Weeping
Willow, Masquerade, Sugar Snap, Rainbows End.