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MSU LB 492 - Megan Halpern Art Kit

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A convenient pack of class supplies, sold with a healthy discount.

NOTE: This kit is specifically for Meghan Halpern's Michigan State University LB (Lyman Briggs) 492: Senior Seminar Nature Journaling class. Items are listed to ensure you are purchasing the full and correct kit. Always verify the kit supply list to ensure you are getting all your supplies. Included in this kit:

  • 12 Color Aquafine Set w/brush
  • Water Brush Large
  • 7x10 Canson Mixed Media
  • Micron Pen 01 and 05
  • Pencil Set w/eraser and sharpener
  • Kneaded Eraser

Order online and pick up for free curbside (or in-store), have it locally delivered, or have it shipped!

Local Delivery: Red Bike Delivery is a local independent service that delivers to East Lansing for $10 (+tip) with 24 hours (or less) delivery times. Faster and cheaper than shipping! Contact Red Bike (517-500-3389) or contact Red Bike on Facebook to set up delivery options and then place your order on our website for Local Pickup. 

Please note, not all MSU professors and Kresge classes use the same supplies. Please verify with your professor the supplies required and compare your supply list to the kit items listed to ensure you are receiving the correct art pack. 

Please contact the art store with any questions. Go Spartans!


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MSU LB 492 Megan Halpern Art Kit