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Create with Stickers Collage Activity Kit

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Large Animals Kit: A great sticker kit for the emerging sticker artist; use the 4 sheets of stickers to decorate the 4 animals.

• Mix and match and make it fun as you design your animal any way you like
• Kit is complete with 4, 11.7 x 16.5 inch animal cards and 4 sheets filled with whimsical, funny stickers and colored shapes
• Helps develop fine motor skills, dexterity, creativity, and storytelling
• A great quiet time craft, or party activity, for ages 3+

Contents: 4 big thick pages to decorate (11.7" x 16.5"), 4 sheets of see-through and colored stickers (180 in total).

Recommended for ages 18 months +
Design by: Sophie Ledesma

Create Animals Kit: A creative activity for fun decorating animals with ever-more fantastical feathers and fur.

• 4 animals to decorate (4 of each): geese, owls, dogs and bears.
• A range of colorful stickers to add wherever they please (over 4 in total).
• Easy-detach stickers.
• Play with different patterns.
• Give their imagination free reign as they create elegant or wacky animals.
• Easily portable pocket sleeve design.
• This product is FSC Certified (Mix)

Contents: 16 pages of –animal” pictures (goose, bear, dog and owl) (7.8" x 7.8"), 6 sticker sheets (over 4 in total) and 1 step-by-step instructions booklet.

Recommended for ages 3-6 years
Design by: Sebastien Chebret