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Copi pe Pad A5

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Introducing the 2nd generation "Copy and Paste Memo", an analog memo pad that is more convenient than digital! Carbonless paper copy pad, 120 sheets.

Three types of ruled line variations have been created for "copy and paste memo" that utilizes the characteristics of "pressure-sensitive paper (*)" used for copy slips.
(*) Pressure-sensitive paper: A special type of paper that applies pressure when written with a pen or the like, and reflects what you have written on the paper underneath. It is used for copying documents such as delivery slips, delivery notes, contracts, and application forms.

"Copy and Paste Memo" enables speedy information sharing by using "pressure-sensitive paper" used for copying slips as memo paper. You can select the number of copies, so you can create as many copies as you want (*) at once.
(*) Depending on the pen pressure, about 4 sheets is appropriate. 

1. Turn over any sheets you need.
2. Use the Front cover sheet as a setting board.
3. Write something with a ballpoint pen.
4. Cut off the sheets along the perforations.
5. Give those to your friends or colleagues!

A5 Size: 148 x 210mm Text: Plain 120 sheets Made in Japan