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Coloursoft Pencil Sets

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Coloursoft fine art pencils deliver a smooth creamy laydown and offer superior blending and layering without bloom. Their thick 4mm leads offer plenty of useable color and hold a point without breaking. They are offered in a variety of sets to meet artists specific needs; from basic to comprehensive color collections.

48-Pencil Wood Box Set: Cream, acid yellow, deep cadmium, yellow ochre, orange, bright orange, rose, scarlet, red, deep fuchsia, loganberry, blush pink, pink, pink lavender, gray lavender, bright purple, bright lilac, royal purple, blackberry, ultramarine, indigo, electric blue, blue, iced blue, cloud blue, pale blue, gray green, dark green, green, light green, lime green, mint, pale mint, lichen green, dark brown, pale brown, pimento, peach, light sand, ochre, dark terracotta, brown earth, black, Persian gray, dove gray, steel gray, mid gray and white.