Bee Paper Super Deluxe Mixed Media
Bee Paper

Bee Paper Super Deluxe Mixed Media

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The only sketchbook you'll ever need! Heavyweight 93 lb. (150 gsm) NpH archival quality drawing paper is well-rounded for mixed media. Featuring 25% cotton content, this natural white sheet has two distinct surfaces. The top side of the sheet has tooth for dry media and works well as a cold pressed watercolor sheet. The bottom side accommodates pen and ink and works well as a hot-pressed sheet for watercolor and other mixed media. The double wire binding creates a flat surface, allowing the artist to draw across the page. The water-resistant cover can be personalized with acrylics to make this sketchbook your own! Extra heavyweight 100% recycled chipboard back is perfect for field work. This sketchbook is internally and externally sized.

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