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Henriquez MSU STA 320 Painting Kit

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This kit is specifically for Michigan State University Alisa Henriquez's STA 320 Painting class. A convenient pack of class supplies, sold with a healthy discount.

Included in this kit:

  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Burnt Sienna
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Ultramarine Blue
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml  Yellow Ochre
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Phthalo Green
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Titanium White
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Hansa Yellow Medium
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Quin Magenta
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Napthol Red
  • Gamblin 1980 Oil 150ml Cerulean Blue
  • Razor Scraper w/ blades
  • Odorless Paint Thinner
  • Empty Tins
  • Painting Knife #33
  • Galkyd 250ml
  • Ashley Brush Filbert 4
  • Ashley Brush Filbert 12
  • Ashley Brush Round 4
  • Ashley Brush Flat 10
  • Ashley Brush Round 8
  • 2" Chip Brush
  • Official Odd Nodd Canvas Tote Bag

NOTE: Delivery has been arranged for any kits purchased with "curbside pickup" on the second day of class, Wednesday January 12. Any kits purchased with the "curbside" option before the deadline of January 11th at 6pm will be delivered to the professor for distribution to the class on January 12th during class. Any student is welcome to pick up purchased kits beforehand in-store, or have the kit shipped directly to them by selecting shipping during checkout. Any kits purchased after January 11th at 6pm will not be delivered to class, but will be available for store pickup or shipping. 

Please also note, not all MSU professors and Kresge classes use the same supplies. Please verify with your professor or check your supply list to see what is required. All items provided in this kit are listed for your verification.

Please contact the art store with any questions. Go Spartans!


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